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Jarvis Green Design & Marketing uses the creative power of the imagination to help customers realize their goals. We use design in virtually all mediums to produce cohesive campaigns that accomplish specific results. Our customers have the satisfaction of knowing that their artwork is efficiently designed to spec, backed up and ready to use when they need it.

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Graphic Design
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Web Design
illustrations, logo design, photo retouching, manipulation and color correction catalog, brochure, business cards, direct mail, advertisements, signage, packaging website design, search engine optimization, e-commerce, web advertising
· Logo Design or Improve
· Illustrations
· Photography Manipulation
· Photo Re-touching
· Color Correction

· Business Cards
· Catalogs & Brochures
· Direct Mail
· Signage, Packaging, POP
· Trade Show Booths
· Website Design & Updates
· Search Engine Optimization
· Hosting Available
· Admin & Custom Tools
· Web Ad Design

Design Tip:
Remember to consider that the order at which you tackle your design needs can greatly influence project efficiency. For insatance, if you want to produce a website and a brochure, it would be more efficient to create the brochure first and then the website. Printed materials must be designed at higher resolutions than web materials. Therefore the graphics used in a brochure can easily be reduced in resolution and used for web applications. Web graphics however cannot typically be used in printed materials because they are of a much lower resolution. If you created a website first and later wanted to make a brochure from the same materials, unneccessary additional graphic work may be required.